Cling to life

These are two Kalanchoe pots I took from my hometown, which I bought on Tet Holiday for decoration. When the first time I brought them home, of course, they were in full blossom. The pink petals spread and covered almost each pot. Its beauty would have attracted anyone who first saw it.

But after only one week, it seemed that their lives have to end just because without any care from my family. Only when did I realise I had bought 2 Kalanchoe pots, the poor leaves and flowers just had been withering under scorching sun in Southern region. I just thought they would die within some days more. But in some way, they have clung to life and continued to flower.
I’m so glad to bring them back to my accommodation where I could give more attention to them. Also, lately I feel like to watch their glorious color every morning.

In the burning heat of March, a heavy rain was suddenly pouring down. The whole city seemed to be cleared up. Every corner of street was soaked in coolness. Dust and dirt just disappeared, leaving the fresh air that as if satisfied citizens’ expectation for a long time. Also, my flowers reached out to receive the nature’s washing.


3 thoughts on “Cling to life

    1. Thank you for your compliment. In Vietnamese, the name of this flower means “live together and forever”. For the reason, perhaps, it’s hard to stop its life 🙂 I took picture of them by a normal/mini camera, not specialized one, so the image’s not sharp…

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