Joy from books


Roaming around some big &small bookstores to look for Love, freedom, alone by Osho (of course, Vietnamese version), no result gained just because it has been sold out. The e-book version are now available on internet and i have already read some pages first. I love it but I’d always love to read books in paper. How can express the joy of touching, smelling, taking books by hands. I guess so many would agree with me ^^. Instead, I find 3 second-hand books in an old bookstore that i think they deserve my time and effort all day. They are Life, love, laughter by OshoHermitage among the clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh and The lone swan by Su Manshu (translated by Vietnamese Great Poet Bui Giang and that’s the reason why i bought it without any hesitation). By the way, i’m just so into books on Buddhism and spirituality over the past months. Continue reading “Joy from books”